Updated on Thursday 06th September 2018

Obtain Entrepreneur Startup Visa in Canada

 image May 20, 2019

Canada is keen on attracting businesspersons from all over the world, which is why the government enabled the entrepreneur startup visa for those interested in setting up a business and settling here at the same time.

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Obtain Residence Permit in Canada

 image May 14, 2019

In order to move to Canada, a foreign citizen must apply for a residence permit. There are two types of residence permits which can be obtained in Canada: the temporary and the permanent residence visa, each subject to different conditions.

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Obtain Work Permit in Canada

 image May 9, 2019

Those who want to work in Canada need to apply for a work permit. The procedure can take up to a few months, which is why it is advisable to start the work permit application procedure in a timely manner.

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Trademark Registration in Canada

 image May 2, 2019

All Canadian trademarks are registered with the Trademarks Office within the Canadian Intellectual Property Office of Industry Canada.

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Corporate Tax in Canada

 image April 18, 2019

The taxation of companies in Canada implies the levy of the income tax on profits at a federal and provincial or territorial level, depending on how the company was registered.

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Taxation in Canada

 image April 11, 2019

Taxation in Canada implies the collection of the taxes by the Canadian Revenue Agency on behalf of the federal and provincial governments, which then distributes the collected amounts of money to the federal and local authorities.

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Open a Canadian Business for Repair of Transport Equipment

 image April 4, 2019

Those who want to open a business for repair of transport equipment in Canada can do so by respecting the regulations imposed at a federal, but also provincial level.

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Open a Public Corporation in Canada

 image March 28, 2019

The Canadian public corporation is governed by the Company Law, but also by specific regulations applied at provincial levels. The Canadian public company can offer its shares for sale on the Stock Exchange.

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Open a Limited Liability Partnership in Canada

 image March 19, 2019

Those who want to open a limited liability partnership in Canada must know that this business form is quite easy to set up, however, it is not available at a federal level, but only at a provincial one.

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Shareholders of a Canadian Company

 image March 12, 2019

Becoming a shareholder in a Canadian company is not complicated and implies obtaining certain rights, but also fulfilling certain obligations towards the other participants in the company.

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Minimum Share Capital for Opening a Company in Canada

 image February 26, 2019

It is important to know that the Canadian legislation does not impose a minimum share capital when registering a business. The minimum share capital of companies in Canada is divided into shares.

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Open a Canadian Business for Selling Food,Drinks and Tobacco

 image February 19, 2019

Starting a business for selling food, beverages and tobacco in Canada is not complicated, however, it must go through several licensing phases which take longer to complete.

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Set Up a Business for Repair of Motor Vehicles in Canada

 image February 12, 2019

Setting up a business for maintenance and repair of motor vehicles in Canada is simpler than opening a business for the sale of motor vehicles from a licensing point of view, however, there are certain specific aspects to consider.

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Set Up a Business for Sale of Motor Vehicles in Canada

 image February 8, 2019

Starting a motor vehicle dealership in Canada implies respecting a few laws, among which the Motor Dealer Law which applies at a national level and the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Law.

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Set Up a Plumbing and Ventilation Business in Canada

 image January 21, 2019

Starting a plumbing and ventilation business in Canada can be a great opportunity for those interested in obtaining good profits without a too large investment.

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Establish a Business on Energy and A/C Supply in Canada

 image January 15, 2019

The energy industry is one of the most important economic sectors in Canada, however, not all companies here operate as electricity producers. There are other types of businesses which can be set up in this sector, among which companies which supply energy and air conditioning services.

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Open a Canadian Business for Repair and Maintenance of Ships

 image January 3, 2019

Opening a business for offering repair and maintenance services for various types of vessels in Canada implies the same regulations and steps as when opening other types of companies. The company must be registered with the local or federal government.

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Open a HORECA Company in Canada

 image December 13, 2018

One of the best ways of starting a business in tourism in Canada is by starting a HORECA company. HORECA comes from hotel, café, restaurant which means incorporating one company which offers all these services.

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Establish a Consulting Company in Canada

 image December 9, 2018

There are many ways of opening a consulting business in Canada, however, the business owner must make sure they have the necessary experience and knowledge which can be demonstrated before starting such a company.

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Set Up an E-Commerce Business in Canada

 image December 5, 2018

The best way of reaching international clients, an online shop is the best way of registering a company in Canada. For this purpose, an e-commerce company represents the most suitable option.

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Open an Online Shop in Canada

 image November 27, 2018

One of the most important steps when starting an online store in Canada is creating a website and having a domain name registered. Other requirements to be considered by online shops in Canada are related to having certain elements displayed on the website.

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Set Up a Catering Company in Canada

 image November 12, 2018

The catering services sector is quite popular in Canada and works well in both large cities and small towns. The regulations for opening a catering business depend on the province the company will operate in.

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Open a Jewelry Business in Canada

 image November 7, 2018

Those who want to establish jewelry businesses in Canada must comply with the requirements of several laws, among which one of the most important is the Precious Metals Marking Law.

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Establish a Crowdfunding Company in Canada

 image November 1, 2018

Crowdfunding businesses are among the most popular types of fintech companies which can be established in Canada and which are also supported by the local authorities.

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Set Up a Fintech Company in Canada

 image October 29, 2018

The government supports innovation the financial industry through various programs. If you want to open a fintech company in Canada, there are various types of activities which you can undertake as a local or foreign investor.

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Open a Cryptocurrency Company in Canada

 image October 26, 2018

The registration of a company in the cryptocurrency sector in Canada is no different from other types of companies. The limited liability company remains the most common option for both local and foreign investors who can register their crypto businesses.

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Open a Shop in Canada

 image October 8, 2018

Opening a shop in Canada requires no prior experience in a field, however, the businessman opening it should address the requirements of the local market in order to succeed.

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Establish a Trust in Canada

 image October 3, 2018

Trusts are recognized in Canada under the Company and Corporate Law. According to this law, there are various types of trusts local and foreign citizens can establish in Canada.

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Set Up an Investment Fund in Canada

 image October 1, 2018

The requirements related to opening an investment fund in Canada depend on the type of fund to be registered with the CSA. The investor creating the Canadian investment fund is also required to register a company which will be used as a vehicle for promoting the fund.

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Open a Hotel in Canada

 image September 12, 2018

The company registration procedure of a hotel or any other type of accommodation establishment in Canada is completed with the Trade Register. Canadian hotels must also undergo classification.

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Establish a Healthcare Business in Canada

 image August 21, 2018

Canada offers many investment opportunities in the healthcare sector which can be successfully exploited by foreign entrepreneurs. Also, the legislation governing the Canadian healthcare industry is quite extensive.

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Set Up a FMCG Company in Canada

 image August 17, 2018

The company registration procedure for a business in the fast-moving consumer goods implies incorporating a company at a provincial or federal level in Canada.

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Open a Construction Company in Canada

 image August 13, 2018

When opening a construction company in Canada, each province has its own regulations which is why special attention must be paid to the city where the business will operate.

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Establish an Agricultural Business in Canada

 image July 24, 2018

Agriculture is one of the most developed economic sectors in Canada. With the help of the Agriculture and Agri-Food Department in Canada, investors who want to set up businesses in this sector can benefit from many opportunities.

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Set Up an Energy Company in Canada

 image July 19, 2018

Canada is one of the most powerful countries in the world in terms of energy. Ranked as the second largest uranium and the third largest hydroelectricity producer in the world, Canada has imposed itself through accessibility to all types of energy sources.

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Open a Financial Company in Canada

 image July 16, 2018

Foreign investors who want to open financial companies in Canada are allowed to do that, as long as they comply with the local legislation and obtain the necessary licenses depending on the type of financial institution they want to set up.

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Open an IT Company in Canada

 image April 16, 2018

If you are considering investing in the Canadian IT industry, you should first register a company with the local Trade Register in the city you plan on doing business. The registration procedure is not complicated.

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Obtain Citizenship in Canada

 image April 12, 2018

The first law on citizenship was enabled in 1946 and ever since it was amended several times. The last amendment brought to the Citizenship Act of Canada was in 2017.

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Establish a Casino in Canada

 image April 10, 2018

In order to open a casino in Canada, foreign investors must comply with the Criminal Code at federal level and the local laws at regional level. For online gaming operations there are no special licensing requirements.

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Gambling Activities in Canada

 image March 14, 2018

Those interested in starting a business in the gambling industry in Canada must comply with several laws, among which federal, but also territorial and provincial ones.

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Creating a Publishing Business in Canada

 image March 9, 2018

The most popular type of structure used for registering a publishing company is the Canadian corporation. It can be used for setting up traditional publishing companies which imply written press or digital books and magazines.

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Selling Tobacco in Canada

 image March 7, 2018

Developed countries like Canada are among the best markets for selling tobacco and tobacco products, which is why the authorities have created an extensive legal framework which regulates this market.

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Set Up a Website in Canada

 image March 5, 2018

Those interested in setting up websites in Canada must comply with a few requirements. Before starting the creation of the website, the owner must choose and register the desired domain name with CIRA.

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Open a Canadian Foundation

 image February 23, 2018

There are two main types of foundations one can establish in Canada: charities and non-profit organizations.There are various advantages related to the creation of a foundation in Canada.

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Company Formation Services in Ottawa

 image February 14, 2018

Foreign investors can register Canadian companies at federal or territorial level, Ottawa being located in the province of Ontario. Ottawa is characterized by a powerful high-tech industry and affordable living costs.

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Company Formation Services in Calgary

 image February 12, 2018

One of the outstanding cities in Alberta is Calgary which is also the third largest metropolitan area in Canada. With access to two of the most important rivers crossing Canada,Calgary is one of the greatest business centers in the country.

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Company Formation Services in Montreal

 image February 7, 2018

Montreal is home to half of the population of the Quebec province which makes a great place to set up a company in. The company formation procedure in Montreal must be completed with the Trade Register in Quebec

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Company Formation Services in Toronto

 image February 5, 2018

Foreign investors who want to open companies in Toronto should know that the Canadian city occupied the highest positions in various studies carried out by prestigious magazines all over the world.

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Open a Pharmaceutical Company in Canada

 image January 24, 2018

Those who want to start a pharmacy or any other type of drug store in Canada must comply with the Drug Good Manufacturing Practices and Establishment Licensing Enforcement Directive.

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Establish a Restaurant in Canada

 image January 19, 2018

Foreign investors who want to open restaurants in Canada must comply with the local legislation, obtain the necessary approvals and licenses and secure the conditions for operating such business.

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Set Up a Recruitment Company in Canada

 image January 16, 2018

Registering a recruitment company in Canada does not imply any special business form and can be completed with the Federal Trade Register or the local Companies Registrar in the province the company will operate.

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Open a Travel Agency in Canada

 image January 11, 2018

In order to obtain a travel or tour operator license, one must obtain a certification from the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA).

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Tax Minimization in Canada

 image January 8, 2018

The Canadian tax legislation makes a clear difference between tax minimization, which is a suite of solutions enabling companies to legally reduce the taxes they pay and tax evasion.

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Workforce in Canada

 image December 20, 2017

Apart from the taxation system which is usually the most researched aspect when deciding to start a business in Canada, there is another aspect just as important: the Canadian workforce.

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Imports/Exports in Canada

 image December 12, 2017

One of Canada’s most important industries is trading. At world level, Canada is the 10th largest exporter of goods and services, and the 12th largest importer of the same commodities.

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Canadian Legislation Related to Foreign Investments

 image December 5, 2017

The Investment Canada Act (ICA) specifically provides for foreign direct investments in the country. It should be noted that this law does not apply to foreign enterprises coming to open new companies in Canada.

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VAT in Canada

 image November 30, 2017

The Canadian taxation system implies direct and indirect taxes, with the most important indirect one being the Goods and Services Tax, also known as the value added tax, or VAT.

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Liaison Office in Canada

 image November 27, 2017

The Canadian liaison office is usually set up before the parent company decides to register a subsidiary or branch office here. The representative office will first prospect the market and even promote the services of the foreign company.

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Holding Company in Canada

 image November 23, 2017

There are several types of holding companies which can be registered in Canada, among which the most popular one is the investment holding. The registration process of a holding company is no different from that of starting a company in Canada.

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Credit Rating of Canada

 image November 21, 2017

Canada has received good ratings over the years from the greatest agencies in the world. With a large production capacity and market, Canada attracts many foreign investors who come here to open companies which further attracts good credit ratings.

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Company Act in Canada

 image November 14, 2017

The Canadian Company Law is made up of more than 20 parts which provide for various requirements foreign investors are bound to comply from before registering a company and up to the final phase of the company incorporation procedure.

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Why Is Canada an Attractive Country for Investors?

 image November 12, 2017

Canada is currently a very appealing country in terms of foreign investments. Those who want to start doing business in Canada have many things to consider, among them the stable economy and the fact that Canada is one of the leading G20 countries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

 image November 9, 2017

These are some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers before starting a business in Canada.

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Accounting in Canada

 image November 6, 2017

In order to know what are the accounting services one needs, it is best to find out some information on the taxation system in Canada. Taxation in Canada is imposed at federal or provincial level.

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Establish a Branch in Canada

 image November 4, 2017

Foreign companies expanding their operations in other countries have several choices. A foreign company starting a business in Canada and choosing the branch office to do that must register this structure with the local authorities.

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Set Up a Subsidiary in Canada

 image November 1, 2017

Foreign companies seeking to expand their business activities in Canada, can set up subsidiaries or branch offices. The main difference between these types of structures is the degree of independence of the Canadian company.

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Open a Bank Account in Canada

 image October 30, 2017

Foreign citizens can open bank accounts in Canada, just like local inhabitants. According to the Access to Basic Banking Services Regulation, any individual can open a Canadian bank account.

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Set up a Corporation in Canada

 image October 25, 2017

A corporation is a preferred business form in Canada, just like limited liability companies are chosen for incorporation in numerous country worldwide.

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General Guide on Company Formation in Canada

 image October 24, 2017

Canada opened its doors to foreign citizens who want to move here.Even if most of them come here for work, the easy company registration process allows them within a short amount of time to start their own Canadian company.

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Types of Companies in Canada

 image October 20, 2017

Entrepreneurs who want to activate in the Canadian market should, first of all, choose the type of business entity which suits their needs.

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Trade Register in Canada

 image October 16, 2017

With complete help from our local company formation specialists in Canada, a foreigner can open a company in compliance with the requirements of the Corporations Directorate and provincial registry.

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Shelf Company in Canada

 image October 12, 2017

Investors from abroad who are interested in developing their activities in the Canadian market have the possibility of registering a company or purchasing a ready-made one which is known as a shelf company.

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Virtual Office in Canada

 image October 9, 2017

A virtual office in Canada provides varied business solutions for entrepreneurs from abroad who want to settle a start-up and who do not need for the moment a traditional business office.

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