Archive - March 2018

Canada to Streamline Grant Application Procedures

March 27, 2018

Research and development has become one of the most important industries in Canada in the past few years and the number of grant programs dedicated to such activities has increased spectacularly during the same period of time. Now, the government wants to streamline the procedures related to obtaining funds for such activities and reduce the number of assistance programs from 92 to 35 by consolidating more of them into one. 

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Canadian Economy Expanded by 1.7% in 2017

March 23, 2018

Canada is one of the most important economies in the world and this is shown in its trading numbers and the good results registered by the country year after year. In last months of 2017, the Canadian economy registered a significant economic growth which reached 1.7%, according to Statistics Canada. Foreign investors who want to open companies in Canada can rely on our company formation agents for assistance.

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