Canada, One of the World's Best Countries to Relocate to in 2018

Updated on Wednesday 17th October 2018

Canada is without a doubt one of the most appealing countries to live in the world. With policies which attract a great number of foreigners who relocate here for work, Canada also attracts investors from other countries who consider opening companies here can bring them many advantages. For those who are still thinking about a country to move to, here is another reason to choose Canada: it has 3 cities in the world’s most livable cities index issued by the Economist Intelligence Unit. If you also plan on starting a business in Canada, our local consultants can help you.

Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto the most livable cities in Canada

Foreign citizens who want to move to Canada can choose Calgary, Vancouver or Toronto, 3 of the top 10 best cities to live in 2018. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Calgary cam on the 4th place, Vancouver on the 6th position, while Toronto is the 7th most livable city in the world this year.

The report issued by one of the most reputable magazines in the UK assesses a list of 140 cities throughout the world in terms of stability, healthcare services quality, education, and infrastructure.

In this year’s index, Calgary obtained top scores in all these categories with a total number of 90 points. Vancouver ranked best in stability and infrastructure, while Toronto ranked best in infrastructure and culture and environment.

The main advantages of these 3 Canadian cities

With 3 cities ranking this high in an important report, Canada is one of the most appealing countries to move to. It is known that attracting skilled people who come to work here will also attract investors who will benefit not only from the workforce but also from the infrastructure which is very important when running a business.

Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto are not only the most livable cities in Canada, but they are also 3 of the most important business centers in this country, which is why foreigners will find plenty of opportunities if they decide to move and open companies in any of these cities.

Our company formation consultants in Canada can advise foreign investors who want to set up companies in any of these cities. Please contact us for more information on the requirements related to opening a company in Canada.