Establish an Agricultural Business in Canada

Updated on Tuesday 24th July 2018

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Agriculture is one of the most developed economic sectors in Canada, as the country has wide areas which can be used for cereal, vegetable and fruit crops. With the help of the Agriculture and Agri-Food Department in Canada, investors who want to set up businesses in this sector can benefit from many opportunities.

Our Canada company formation agents can explain the legal requirements for opening a company in agriculture in this country.

Regulations applied in the Canadian agricultural sector

There are several regulations Canadian agricultural companies must comply with. Among these are:
  •           the Regulatory System for Foods with Health Benefits which provides for the production of healthy products;
  •           the Food Labeling Rules which requires all agricultural companies to label their products;
  •           the regulations imposed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency which imposes specific requirements for the sale of vegetable and animal-related products;
  •           the local regulations imposed by each province in relation the production and sale of foodstuff.

Among the best provinces to start an agricultural business in Canada are Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, and Saskatchewan.

Licensing for agricultural companies in Canada

If the company registration process for the Canadian company is the same as for any other business when it comes to licensing, there are several requirements companies in agriculture must comply with. Among these, obtaining the necessary licenses with the Center of Administration for Permissions.

As a tip, the Canadian Agriculture and Agri-Food Department has issued a new program for agricultural companies interested in using innovation in their activities. They can enroll in this program for the following activities:
  •           the production of bioproducts and the use of bioprocessing techniques;
  •           the production of non-genetically modified crops with the help of innovation;
  •           livestock production activities which use new innovative environmental techniques;
  •           the release of new food and non-food products on the Canadian market.

For full information on the establishment of a company in agriculture in Canada, please contact our local consultants. We can assist with the company registration procedure at the federal or provincial level.