Becoming a Permanent Resident in Canada

Updated on Sunday 24th October 2021

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The right of becoming a permanent resident in Canada is open to all foreigners who can qualify under one of the legal pathways through which permanent residency can be obtained here. Having the status of a permanent resident in Canada will allow a person the right to stay here on an indefinite period of time; permanent residency is granted only to those who have applied for the permanent residency status and who were issued with a permanent resident card, after successfully completing the application process.

Foreigners must know that the permanent residency status is not the same with the one of being a Canadian citizen, although permanent residents can enjoy from most of the rights Canadian citizens have; however, permanent residents are not allowed to vote, nor do they have a Canadian passport. Beyond these aspects, there aren’t any other significant differences. If you want to apply for permanent residency status as foreigner interested in starting a business here, we invite you to request in-depth information from our team of consultants in company formation in Canada.

What are the main ways for becoming a permanent resident in Canada?

The options for becoming a permanent resident in Canada are prescribed by the immigration law applicable here. This opportunity is available for those who want to open a company in Canada and who arrive here mainly for business purposes, but also for those who arrive here for employment opportunities or for studies. Our team of specialists in company registration in Canada have prepared a short presentation on the main possibilities available in this case:
  • permanent residency through express entry – this option is available for persons seeking for employment, who are qualified in fields where Canada lacks sufficient personnel;
  • permanent residency through business immigration – there, those who want to open a company in Canada or to invest in certain economic fields can apply for various types of visas;
  • permanent residency through family reunification programs – those who are related to Canadian permanent residents or Canadian citizens can be sponsored by the said relatives for the purpose of relocating here;
  • permanent residency through the Canadian Experience Class – the program aims at helping temporary workers and students in applying for permanent settlement here;
  • permanent residency through the Provincial Nominee program – a program available for various categories of persons (businessmen, students, workers, etc.), created at the level of each Canadian province.

If you need, we can also help you with accounting services in Canada. Those who are the holders of a temporary residence permit in Canada must know that, while being temporary residents, various tax obligations can appear due to work related activities and other associated matters. Our team can help you with more details if you need to complete your accounting and tax obligations. 

Things to know about residence permit in Canada 

Whether you arrive here for the purpose of opening a company in Canada or you simply want to relocate and work and live in this country, you will need to apply for a residence permit. First, you will be issued with the temporary resident permit in Canada, as permanent residency is a matter that can be achieved after showing commitment to living here. 

From the start, it is necessary to know that not all applications for residency will result in the issuance of the permit. This can be due to a variety of reasons, including technical issues, such as not submitting a proper application, but also due to the fact that the number of residence cards allocated to a financial year reached the maximum limit. 

However, in some cases, the local authorities may refuse the application based on the fact that they don’t consider the applicant to be an eligible one, due to various reasons. Regardless of the reason for which the application for a residence permit in Canada is refused, the law stipulates the right of receiving a refund for the application, as normally all applications imply the payment of a fee. 

Please mind that the Canada residence permit requirements stipulate that if this applies, the applicant must wait for approximately eight weeks until the refund is completed. Provided that this takes longer, the applicant is entitled to submit a refund request. If you are currently dealing with this situation, please request assistance from our team of consultants in company registration in Canada for advice. 

How many foreigners receive permanent residency in Canada per year?

Just like other jurisdictions around the world, Canada has an immigration program that is based on the needs of the local society. Due to the fact that it has an aging society, Canada has steady increased the yearly number of residents it can receive and who will become part of the local society and economy. With regards to those who have received the status of permanent resident in Canada, we present the following:
  • in 2018, permanent residency was granted to 320,000 foreign persons;
  • in 2019 and 2020, Canada granted the permanent residency to more persons – more exactly, 341,000 per year;
  • for the current year, the immigration plan on permanent residency is established at 351,000 persons;
  • in 2022, Canada is interested in receiving 361,000 foreigners who will receive the permanent residency;
  • for 2021, those who want to open a company in Canada must know that the maximum number of persons who can receive permanent residency for business purposes is capped at 750 and the same value is maintained for 2022 as well;
  • in 2021, the express entry pathway has the highest number of possible admissions, of 91,150 persons.

Canada residence permit requirements while outside the country 

If you were issued with a residence card, you will have certain obligations to meet while being in Canada, but also while being overseas. Although the temporary resident permit in Canada provides more limited rights compared to the permanent residence permit, please be aware that not having a valid permanent residence permit while being overseas can have negative consequences on the holder of the expired document. 

Even though the permanent residence card grants similar rights as the ones of Canadian citizens, permanent residents must always make sure that their permanent residence card is valid upon the return in Canada. According to the Canada residence permit requirements, the document must be valid upon the return, regardless of the means of transportation. 

Thus, in the case in which the document will expire while being abroad, you must make the necessary arrangements in order to be issued with a new valid document during your overseas travel. This is given by the fact that the Canadian laws stipulate that one can renew a document only from Canada and that such documents can only be delivered to Canadian locations

It is also useful to know that you can’t address to a third party who can represent you in this particular case. Although the Canadian laws allow the right to be represented in numerous legal matters, including in the process of company formation in Canada, in this particular case, the holder of the document has to be present and sign for the issuance of the document. 

However, in the case in which you have an expired document and you didn’t apply for a new document prior to your traveling outside Canada, the only option is to apply for a permanent resident travel document, a paper that is created for this particular situation. One can request it solely when being outside Canada and this document will allow the right to enter the country again, even though, technically, you are a permanent resident who has the right to reside here. 

From a legal point of view, the person who has an expired permanent residence card is still considered a permanent resident, but a document has to be shown when arriving in the country and expired documents can’t be used for this purpose. If you need more details on this subject, you can rely on our team. 

Our consultants in company registration in Canada can help you obtain any type of residence permit. If you want to arrive here under a temporary resident permit in Canada we can provide information on the application process and in the case in which you plan to become a permanent resident, our team can help you with more details on the applicable procedures. We also invite you to address to us if you want to relocate for the purpose of opening a company in Canada

How can one obtain permanent residency in Canada?

The legal procedure through which permanent residency can be obtained here is regulated under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations. The process through which a foreigner can obtain the status of permanent resident in Canada will differ based on the legal pathway selected, meaning that those who arrive here for study purposes will have to provide different documents that the ones who arrive here for business purposes.

As a general rule, those who receive the document will be issued with the permanent residence card for a period of 5 years; according to the law, in the entire period of 5 years, the person must be physically present in Canada for minimum 2 years in order to maintain the permanent residency status. If you want to apply for this type of card as businessmen, we invite you to contact our specialists in company formation in Canada.