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Updated on Friday 10th January 2020

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Investors from abroad who are interested in developing their activities in the Canadian market have the possibility of registering a company or purchasing a ready-made one, also known as a shelf company. This kind of entity is already registered, has never been used, and it is available on the market for any entrepreneur interested. Our company formation agents in Canada are able to provide support for both local or foreign investors who want to purchase a shelf company in Canada. The same team can also offer guidance when drafting the documents for a new company on the market.

The benefits of buying a shelf company in Canada

A shelf company in Canada can be acquired with a business history and have a notable image and a favorable background in front of banks or other financial institutions for future loans. One should know that business age increases the confidence among potential customers, both local or from abroad and of course contractors. Businessmen can choose shelf companies in Canada for a fast manner of starting their activities in the chosen area of interest. Shelf companies come with VAT numbers in Canada.

We mention that a shelf company in Canada is not subject to debts, liabilities and it has never been revoked for any reason. Ready-made companies in Canada are one of the most preferred options for investors who want to decrease the time for starting a business, especially if they already have chosen the domain. Starting a business in Canada by buying a shelf company can be an easy process in which our team of specialists in company incorporation in Canada can offer support and assistance, as they are experienced in this field.

You can also read in the scheme below about the main features of a Canadian shelf company:
Main characteristics of a Canadian shelf company

What to consider when buying a shelf company in Canada

Before purchasing a shelf company in Canada, an investor will have to decide on what kind of entity he/she needs and the area of activities. In this matter, a complete check-up in the market is suggested, considering that such acquisition will be related to the first important steps of the formation.

The terms and conditions in a shelf company purchase can then be explained by our team of company incorporation specialists in Canada, who can offer comprehensive support in this matter. Starting a business in Canada may solicit complete attention in documents and licenses matters, but guidance can be offered on request by our team of advisors. 

FAQ on shelf companies in Canada

Our local consultants offer to receive questions related to the purchase of a shelf company in Canada. Among these questions are:
1.      Where can I buy a shelf company in Canada?
 Shelf companies are available in all provinces in Canada and can be purchased from local company formation agents.
2.      Can I personalize my shelf company?
 Once bought, you will be able to amend the company’s statutory documents, change the directors and the company name.
3.      How much does it cost to buy a shelf company in Canada?
 The cost of a Canadian ready-made company depends on its age, therefore there is no specific cost for all companies.
4.      Do I need to be a Canadian citizen or resident to buy a shelf company?
 No, foreigners can buy shelf companies without any restrictions.
5.      Can I move a shelf company registered in a province to another province?
 Yes, moving a shelf company’s residence from one province to another is possible. It is also possible to move a shelf company register at the federal level to a province.

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For additional information about how to buy a shelf company in Canada, we invite you to contact our Canadian company formation agents.