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Updated on Friday 10th January 2020

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The Corporations Directorate or the Trade Register is the main authority in charge of the registration of companies and other legal entities in Canada.
Entrepreneurs who relocated in Canada or have the status of a business immigrant can register their businesses in the country. With complete help from our local company formation specialists in Canada, a foreigner can open a company in compliance with the requirements of the Corporations Directorate and provincial registry. Even if you are not living in Canada, you can start your business here by setting up different types of companies or partnerships. 

How does the Trade Register in Canada work?

The Canadian Trade Register has the same functions, just like company registers from other countries. Among these functions, we mention the following:
  • it is in charge of accepting and processing the documents filed for company incorporation in Canada;
  • keeping a database of all existing legal entities and amending it every time changes in these companies occur;
  • providing information on an existing company at the request or a person or another company;
  • entering new companies into the database and removing companies ceasing to exist.
The Corporations Directorate has branches in all provinces in Canada.

General steps of registering a company in Canada

From the beginning, we mention that each province in Canada has particular rules regarding the incorporation of a company, and an entrepreneur must fulfill the requirements of the local Trade Register. Before the registration process of a company in Canada, a distinctive name must be chosen, as there are laborious standards imposed by the authorities when accepting the corporate names.
Besides the name and the address of the company, one must provide the articles of association, the memorandum, the documents offering details about the company owners and the activities. Notice of office is another important document which must mention two necessary addresses: one of the registered office and the second of the records office. We remind that, in document preparation, our specialists in company incorporation in Canada can provide complete support and guidance.

Companies in Canada are also required to register for VAT.

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Federally or provincially company incorporation in Canada

Businessmen from overseas can establish companies in Canada without having to relocate to the country. In this matter, our consultants can provide help and guidelines on whether you are interested in setting up a company or a partnership with a Canadian citizen. Once you have decided on a business form, you can register it with the provincial registry, considering that you must decide whether you want to incorporate the company provincially or federally.

company registered federally can perform activities in all territories, if the business is registered in all provinces where the business will be directed. The provincial incorporation will only be subject to activities in that chosen territory. Extra-provincial incorporation in Canada can be issued later on.

Searching a company with the Canadian Business Register

Those interested in doing business with a Canadian company can search the database of Corporations Canada. The information they can find is usually related to:
  • the date of incorporation of the company and its shareholding structure (in certain cases this information is not visible);
  • the legal address of the company and information about the managers or directors;
  • information about the financial situation of a corporation or partnership;
  • information about the number of employees can also be found with the Trade Register.

You can find out how to register a company with the Canadian Trade Register from the video below:


For complete information about how to register a company in Canada with the Trade Register, and the conditions which need to be attentively measured, we invite you to contact our team of company formation representatives in Canada