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Updated on Saturday 12th May 2018

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virtual office in Canada provides varied business solutions for entrepreneurs from abroad who want to settle a start-up and who do not need for the moment a traditional business office. Our Canadian company formation agents can help investors to register their companies in Canada and also provide their clients with virtual offices and related services. Starting a company in Canada with a virtual office may be subject to cost-effective expenses, and complete information in this matter can be offered by our team.

Services offered by a virtual office in Canada

Besides a notable and reliable business address in the main cities in Canada, our team can offer complete virtual office services like:

•    a dedicated local phone number for the business, as agreed with the client;
•    call forwarding and redirect services  in accordance with the clients' requests;
• on demand, we can also provide clients with   dedicated fax services;
•    mail and correspondence forwarding to any address, as requested by the client;
•   bank statement collection and storage or forwarding services, on request  ;
•    conference room meeting setup, provided that we are notified a few days before.

One should know that our team can take messages via different kinds of communication channels and send the necessary information to the clients. Besides offering a virtual office in Canada, we remind that our company incorporation specialists in Canada can help any foreign investor to register the company in Canada, by providing suitable help in drafting the documents with the authorities in charge. The company registration process in Canada will depend on the provided documents and other requirements of the authorities in charge.

Why choose a virtual office in Canada?

Businessmen can choose the services offered by virtual offices in Canada if they want to expand their activities in the country without the intention to purchase or rent office spaces. Virtual offices in Canada are subject to lower expenses compared to the traditional ones, another reason why such solution is preferred. All the correspondence, via the email, fax or phone, is redirected to the business owner, as our team can implement suitable communication channels. Additionally, the owner of a business in Canada, having a virtual office, can receive the bank statements or other financial documents and then can decide the next steps in this matter with the assistant or representative of the virtual office. On request, the business meetings in Canada may take place in dedicated conference rooms. Starting a business in Canada with a virtual office may be a suitable option for entrepreneurs who want to establish their presence and services on the market in a fast and reliable manner.
Please watch our video on virtual office services in Canada:

Virtual office compared to a traditional office in Canada

Those who do not know what to choose between a traditional and a virtual office in Canada can check our comparison in the table below:
 Virtual Office   Traditional Office
 Cheaper set up and maintenance sosts   High maintenace costs
 Does not require employees  Requires employes
 No maintenance costs  Implies maintenance costs

For a better understanding of the benefits of a virtual office in Canada, we invite you to solicit comprehensive information from our team of specialists in company formation in Canada, if you contact us


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